Welcome to the"Farm"

Happy Gnome Market Garden was founded in 2018, when Jayne Miller and Brian Nichols bought a 1930s farmstead with views of the Cascade Mountains in Monroe, Washington, about 30 miles from Seattle. The dream for this farm sprouted many years earlier however, and is a project that is the result of many years spent working on farms, studying agriculture, and in Brian’s case, is influenced by a childhood spent living on a tobacco farm in Bourbon¬† County, Kentucky.
Happy Gnome Market Garden is a farm for the future. It is a low fossil fuel farm that strives for closed loop cycling of nutrients. It is modeled after Parisian market gardens of the 18th century, which relied on nifty hand tools, permanent beds, lots of soil enriching compost, heirloom seeds, dense plant spacing and season extension to produce high yields of food using no harmful chemicals or fertilizers. Currently, we do not have an actual tractor but instead a European walking tractor which requires very little fuel to mow, til and plow our fields. We are dreaming of adding draft horses someday in the future, which would help us nearly eliminate the need for fossil fuel and would provide ample farm produced fertilizer. Sound crazy? Sounds like magic to us in a time when climate change looms like a dark storm cloud.
At Happy Gnome, we grow a large variety of heirloom fruits and vegetables, with a focus on European varietals. As avid amateur chefs, everything is grown with cuisine and flavor in mind. We find that the joy of a great meal begins with exceptional ingredients. We seek out rare seeds and use growing practices that enrich the health of the soil and environment and in turn improve the flavor quality of the vegetables. We hope to soon add meat and eggs to our operation with the same production ideals.
Thanks for your interest, we hope to see you at market soon!

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    Jaynie Miller

    The farm is primarily the work and passion of Jayne. A Michigan native, she spent many years working on farms in California and is a graduate of the University of California’s Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems’ Ecological Horticulture program. She enjoys pottery, metalsmithing and skiing in the Cascades when she is not farming.

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    Brian Nichols

    Brian works as a computer engineer off the farm. Though he has a major role on the farm as roof repairer, website designer, amateur arborist, and dedicated dad to the goats, pigs and poultry. His favorite vegetable is bacon. We are working on that.